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In addition to hosting private weddings and events, Cypress Yard is home to a micro restaurant and full bar four days a week (Thursday - Sunday). We have gourmet meats and cheeses carefully selected from both local and international producers, soups by award-winning chef and caterer Michael Cartwright, local Montana craft beers on tap and a balanced wine list.

Cypress Yard "Choose 7" charcuterie board

Spritz and crostini


During winter, we add warm and cozy specials to our menu like xyz. Swing by on your way back to town from the Whitefish Ski Resort.


In summertime, we fling open the doors and set up on the patio for al fresco cocktails and dining under Montana’s big, blue sky.


Much of our menu is fashioned after classic, indulgent European favorites. When walking the ancient streets and piazzas of major Italian cities like Rome, Venice, and Florence, an observer will notice they all have one thing in common at the end of the day: the pop of Prosecco bottles, hiss of bubbles over ice and muted chatter as patrons of the sidewalk cafes relax socially after work and enjoy a cocktail. Come in and try some of our recreations of these classics:

Aperitivo: A bubbly cocktail with bitters and and often combined with a snack intended to stimulate or "open" the appetite.  It is also a way of life and a commitment to moments of "La Dolce Vita", or the sweet life, often found in the last golden hour of sunlight.

Charcuterie: A platter or selection of smoked, cured, or cooked meats, like xyz. Often expertly paired with cheeses, fruit spreads, or nuts.

Raclette: An ooey-gooey cheese made in France and Switzerland from cow’s milk. Traditional preparation is to heat the cheese and scrap the melted part onto a plate to be enjoyed with bread, meat, and other accompaniments.

Spritz: An Italian cocktail made with prosecco and served over ice. Perfect for a warm summer’s day!


It’s important to us to source local ingredients and materials whenever possible. Check out some of our amazing local producers:

Wicked Good Farms microgreens and squash (Whitefish, MT)
Perfect Cuts Salami (Columbia Falls, MT)
Amalthia Chevre Goat Cheese (Belgrade, MT)
Smoked Trout (Idaho)
Beecher's (Seattle)
Tamarack Brewing Company (Lakeside, MT)
DraughtWorks Brewing (Missoula, MT)
KettleHouse Brewing (Missoula, MT)